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Serving over 100 Chabad centers and synagogues since 2004.

Print yourself, or print through us. Order as little as 500 pieces.

Regular and large sizes. Standard, semi-custom, and fully customized calendars.

Personal webpage, where you track your order, make payments, and upload/download your files.

One-of-a-kind automated system for Halachic times, date sponsorships, templates, proofs and approval.

$500 discount for customers who haven't printed a calendar for the past three years!
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On Time Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee your calendars to be shipped within five business days of the expected delivery date on our website for your shipping run. If, after submitting your files at the proper deadline, your calendars don't ship/mail by the 'guaranteed' date, we will deduct 5% off your printing bill. If your order is delayed more than one week, we will continue to deduct an additional 1% of the remaining sum for every business day until your order is shipped.

Guarantees do not apply if full payment has not been made by the expected shipping date.

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