Option #1

Work with our in-house designer to personalize your calendar. Price depends on how much work you'll need, but a basic package is $400. The graphic designer will deal with us directly to get the necessary files, and will upload them directly to us when done. You will give us your final approval before we go to print.

Please be in touch with to add the design package to your order.

You can also with with the designer of our main calendar, who has atractive packages and is very familiar with our design and with our website.  Price will be negotiated between you and our designer. We take no responsibility for work done.
VEP Graphics, 905.918.0515, or

Recommended for: Minimum hassle for you. Better results when working with a professional who understands our calendar. Great option for most people but allow extra time when working with a graphic designer, especially during the busy season.

Option #2

Work with your own graphic designer. Receive the templates in Publisher, InDesign or Quark, and have your designer give back to us a PDF file with the backgrounds deleted as in option #3. It will be your responsibility to make sure your PDFs are prepared in the proper format and to upload the files to us.

Recommended for: Same as #1. You may have a relationship with your own designer; Somewhat more work on your part to make sure both you and your designer understand our system.

Option #3 (For pros only)

You receive:
32-page file template which will include a low resolution copy of our calendar placed in the background as a guide. Halachic times calculated for your area will also be included (InDesign & Publisher only; QuarkXPress users can always add it automatically at print time).

Your job:
Personalize as you please, then delete the background, print to "press quality" PDF and upload to us on our webpage.

File format received:
Publisher (2010/2013); InDesign (CS4 or higher); Quarkpress (7 or 8).

File format to submit to us:
High resolution PDF with fonts embedded. Check out our F.A.Q. page for info on how to prepare the PDF file properly.

Additional Option:
We can accept your files in native format (Publisher, InDesign, or QuarkXpress) -- but will charge a fee of up to $100 for converting it to PDF format.

Recommended for: "Do it yourself" people - Pros only. Keep in mind that you're spending thousands on a nice, well-designed product; You (and your advertizers) will be happier if your personalized info is well-designed as well.


Just upload your file to our website, and you will be given an opporunity to see a digital proof of your calendar. The PDF proof will combine your artwork with a background of our calendar, giving you a real representation of what your printed calendar will look like.

At the time you will be given various option such as whether to include Legal Holidays, the last 3-months of the year on the back page, etc.

The system is automated; there is no limit to how many proofs you can submit. We will only go to print once we receive your final approval.