We'll give a $250 credit on the last invoice to any customer doing calendars for the first time ever, as long you order at least 1,000 calendars. For customers ordering "basic" (b/w) calendars, the credit will be $500. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, such as the "early-bird" discount, and no credit will be given to the "recommender". Customers who have not made calendars with any provider within the last three years are also eligible for this offer.

This offer is being offered pursuant to a grant we received for this purpose, and will be discountinued as soon as the maximum level of participants has been reached for this season.

We'll give a $100 credit on the last bill for every new customer who will print 1000 calendars or more with us due to you recommendation. Smaller credits for smaller orders. Limit one "sponsor" per new customer. No limit on how many new customers you can receive a rebate for.

Order by Shavuos, and receive a discount of $50.00 per thousand calendars (up to $100.00)

If you've used us in the past and you feel comfortable using our automated system, you can apply to receive a $75.00 "self service" credit. To qualify, you'll have to meet the following requirements: (a) You have already used us in the past, i.e. you already know our system (b) You will be using our online system only for all areas where self-help is available, including making/updating your order, creating templates, uploading files, inserting date sponsorships, creating/approving proofs, making payments etc. (c) Customer support, where self-help is not possible, through email only (d) No changes to the PDF files, once approved, whether or not the printing has already begun (e) U.S. customers: Make payments by bank draft only, no credit cards.

Self-service discount applies to printing customers only.

There will be no exceptions to these rules. Please don't ask!