Regular calendar:
11.00" X 8.50" folded; 11.00" X 17.00" open.

Large calendar:
13.5" X 9.5" folded; 13.5" X 19" open.


80LB dull text

Other choices available. Please contact us for more information.


  • Full color throughout
  • (The b/w option has been discontinued)

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32, including front and back cover pages.

Calendar months

September 2021 – September 2022

13, September 2015 - September 2016
(1st day of October included to conclude Jewish year)

Empty pages for your personalization

Five* (page 2, 3, 16, 17, and back cover).
We provide two pages of optional content which you can use for any of the above pages.

* (Optional extra-page “inserts” can be ordered as well. See price list).

Advertising space

Regular calendar:
One 2" strip on the top page of every month (13 total). That is enough space for three business-card sized ads.

Large calendar:
One 2.5" strip on the top page of every month (13 total). That is enough space for four ads of 2.5" X 3.25". The total space for these ads is similar to a business-card, but is of a different shape.

Additional space (both calendars)

There are also extra strips at the beginning or the end of every calendar month (size varies by month). All but several dates also have Space for date sponsorships.

Top page info

  • Each month includes Jewish artwork and info on special Jewish/Chabad dates.
  • On some months we have added info on other Jewish themes.
  • You can replace or cover our text with personalized info and/or advertizements.